Keeping your
company's data safe

Silently, continuously back up every version of every file,
on laptops and desktops, at home and at work.

Keeping your company's data safe. Wherever it may be.

Over 50% of data now resides outside your data centres...

...but what happens when something goes wrong?

Mobility and advances in technology mean that staff are able to work effectively on many different devices and in many different places. They do some work on their laptop, they do some work on your desktop. And the amount of data they are using is increasing year on year.

Apart from the staggering loss statistics, there is also the problem of theft. And you will be aware that computers can also be damaged by power surges, power cuts and other natural disasters. Not to mention the accidents like spilled coffee, dropped laptops or the simple, dreaded “accidental-user-delete”!

The “The Billion Dollar Lost-Laptop Study” survey conducted by Intel Corporation surveyed 329 companies and found that more than 86,000 laptops had been lost or stolen. Homes and hotel rooms accounted for more than 40 per cent of laptop disappearances. Clearly this is a real and present danger to your data.

Did you know?

43% of laptops are lost off-site
33% of laptops are lost in-transit

…and what happens if your staff leave?
Especially key IT people?

Staff are often leaving the business, you can’t stop that.
But when they go, what happens to your data that was on all their various devices? Do you know what data they had? Not just on the office PC – but what was on their laptop at home? Did they back it up continuously and religiously?

How much is it going to cost you to find out what they held – and how much will it cost you to replace all that data?

What about your IT staff?
Even more worrying – what would happen if a key member of your IT team moves on? Is all your company data in a safe and secure place, carefully backed up?

Don’t lose your data
when you lose your employees

The cost of recovery is high.
Often terminal.

How much time would be wasted recovering lost data?
Time wasted as the employee redoes critical work? Time taken by the over-stretched IT team, time that will keep them away from other key projects. Even worse – what if the data was for a lengthy, time-constrained, key project like a key tender with critical deadlines? What if your sales data-base disappeared, along with records of time and billable projects? Or what if there was an un-recoverable crash involving your financial data?

Ask yourself...
What is the opportunity cost while work is redone? What is the real cost of getting it done?

You need to be able to keep and access all of your company’s data, all of the time.

Introducing CrashPlan™ for Africa

CrashPlan continuously and automatically backs up every version of every file on every device forever. It compresses, encrypts and then backs up the data - either in our secure pan-African cloud or at your site.

  • Every file
  • Every version
  • Every user
  • Every device
  • Backed up forever
  • Restored when you need it

CrashPlan for Africa gives you back control of your enterprise data, data that is currently sitting on end-user devices.

All your users’ devices are added to the system. Remote workers, field workers, overseas workers – even workers who are travelling. The data is stored centrally regardless of where they are. And the data can be restored to wherever they are working.

  • Back up any device, anywhere
  • Unlimited files and versions
  • On-premises encryption keys
  • Granular roles and policies
  • Identity management
  • Automatic and silent
  • Single admin console
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Two factor authentication

Back up everyone, everywhere

CrashPlan users are able to migrate data to their new devices without having to rely on IT.

Back up everyone,

Back up any device, anywhere Unlimited files and versions on-premises encryption keys Granular roles and policies identity management

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Choose to deploy 100% on-premises, in Liquid Telecom’s state-of-the-art data centres or anywhere in between via hybrid cloud.

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Proven scalability
and control

CrashPlan has been protecting endpoint data for some of the world’s largest enterprises since 2008 by offering on-demand scalability.

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Unified admin

Whether you have 10 or 100,000+ users, a single admin can easily manage all devices and servers, including upgrades and policy settings.

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Even when there are no disasters CrashPlan saves you money

With CrashPlan anyone in your team can get full access to all their data, anywhere, anytime. And they can access all that data remotely from any device – not only on the device that was used to create the data.


“If you have 1,000 computers in your business, statistics show that you will need to upgrade or replace around 250 computers each year. The manual upgrade and data migration to the new machines represents a heavy, avoidable workload for any IT department and significant down time for the worker whose machine is being replaced”

So even if there isn’t a disaster, CrashPlan will save you money:

  • There will be no significant down time for the worker whose equipment is being replaced
  • There is no time needed by IT to execute the replacement of all the old files onto the new machine
  • With CrashPlan the user simply downloads all their previous data themselves – no matter where they are in the world
  • The whole process is predictable, saves time, saves significant money – and is controlled by you from one desk top

Brought to you from an African partner you can trust

Code42 and Liquid Telecom have partnered together to bring the world’s leading silent, continuous, endpoint backup and restore service to Africa. CrashPlan™ for Africa.

CrashPlan for Africa Logo

You get the expertise and experience of the world’s leading backup and restore provider, teamed with Africa’s leading, quality fibre network provider.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Secure data storage in Africa for Africa.

Liquid Telecom has created a pan African, high speed, highly resilient network of “on-net” storage nodes built to international standards. These are housed in Liquid Telecom’s secure data centres and connected to key international Exchange Points including Johannesburg, Harare, Nairobi and Lagos.

This offers an unmatched, super-high-speed backbone with in-built redundancy. Data is encrypted before it moves, on the move, and it is stored in the encrypted state. No one at all can see the data unless they have access to your specific key. It is always safe from any prying eye – and cannot fall into the wrong hands at any point.

Our CrashPlan team spends all their time focused on protection. It keeps them busy 365/24/7. They are always up-to-speed and on top of all the latest developments and are among the best IT security and protection people that money can hire. This enables CrashPlan to offer a level of security intelligence that any IT department would not be able to match, given all the other demands on the local IT team.

The service is continuous and automatic. It is working and backing up all the time. This effectively makes a “Drop Box” solution out of date, and more or less irresponsible. With CrashPlan protecting your data, users are not required to actively do anything:

  • The backups are continuous and automatic
  • They are managed by the centre
  • CrashPlan keeps every version of every file
  • All the data is automatically under IT control
  • Always

35,000+ Customers

CrashPlan already works with these prestigious clients. You can join them, safely, with CrashPlan™ for Africa.

Ready to keep your company's data safe wherever it may be?

About CrashPlan™ for Africa

Code42 and Liquid Telecom have partnered together to bring the world’s leading silent, continuous, endpoint backup and restore service to Africa.

You get the expertise and experience of the world’s leading backup and restore provider, teamed with Africa’s leading, quality fibre network provider.

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