Passwords are the gatekeeper to your files, documents, and records. A weak password is like a poorly made lock; it’s easy to break, and once the door is open, cyber-criminals can have access to just about anything. 

In 2015, a Verizon Business Data Breach Investigations report found that 75% of online accounts are guarded by duplicated passwords. This essentially means that the same key can unlock multiple doors, which leaves your data at risk, In addition to weak passwords, many employees share their passwords with fellow work mates or friends, which is also leaving your data vulnerable.

The actions of employees can quickly destroy a company, that is why it is important to have a solution in place that mitigates data disasters. CrashPlan for Africa remediates data breaches by quickly identifying the data on compromised devices. It is also helps recover lost, leaked or deleted data from theft.

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GoKart Labs is a digital agency that produces and works with large amounts of data daily. That is why they required a reliable way to protect their growing amount of client data. GoKart Labs wanted a disaster recovery plan that had the following features:

  • Continuous, automatic backup for users storing files and data on a variety of devices
  • Ability to access files from any device, anywhere
  • Unlimited file size, versions, and archives
  • A simple management interface

CrashPlan was the right choice for GoKart Labs because it offered secure, automatic backup and the ability to restore data to any device from anywhere. CrashPlan centralises all end-user data on a single platform, provides full visibility, control, helps users quickly detect, respond and remediate data incidents.

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Did you know at least half of all cyber security incidents can be traced back to human error? Here are a few common mistakes that employees make that are leaving your data vulnerable. 


Employees can connect to Wi-Fi almost anywhere nowadays! Although you may have a secure Wi-Fi network at work, employees may access or send private company documents over an unsecured public network out of the office and doing so puts the copy documents at risk.  

Sync and Share Applications 

Online collaboration tools can help increase productivity but they can have a down side. A team member might inadvertently delete a shared document or corrupt the only version of a key file, rendering the data useless.

Reply to All 

It’s easy for employees to accidentally hit “Reply All” or let their email account auto-complete an address. However, this leads to them unwittingly sending a sensitive document to a completely unknown recipient! 


Some companies try to protect their data by requesting or requiring users to manually back up data to external or shared drives. This approach is inefficient and inadequate for a variety of reasons.

If the current endpoint backup solution slows down their machines and negatively impacts endpoint performance, it’s possible some users have disabled it. Some users will refuse to back up frequently and others will simply forget. Backups also may miss most-recent changes if performed infrequently.

It is essential to have an automatic and continuous endpoint backup such as CrashPlan for Africa. CrashPlan ensures every version of every file is safe and can be restored anywhere, at any time, to any device with no limits on file type, size or version. Try your free 30-day trial today.


A report by LogRhythm, a cyber threat defence firm, found that that 23% of employees admitted to having looked at or taken confidential data from their workplace, with one in ten saying they do it regularly! Discover how data theft can be one of the most damaging ways an employee can comprise an organisation.

In January 2014, a computer contractor working for the Korea Credit Bureau, which is responsible for producing credit scores, stole over 27 million confidential records from client names to resident registration numbers and credit card details. The contractor abused his access to the company’s data and secretly copied confidential information onto an external drive over the course of a year and a half!

Data breaches can be disastrous, that is why endpoint backup is essential. CrashPlan for Africa provides users with complete visibility of data stored and deleted from a machine. It is endpoint data protection deployed via a single platform and managed via one console, making it possible to track and audit who accessed which data and when.


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