Effortless, continual back up. Fast and easy restore.

Back up is only as good as the ability to restore. CrashPlan Africa can restore anywhere, at any time, to any device.
Every file or every version. Work happens everywhere – so CrashPlan Africa backs up and restores everywhere.

Unlimited backup

Protect every version of every file, forever, with no limits on file type, size or number.

Every version

Files are backed up automatically as they change, giving you access to every version of every file, including deleted files.

Restore from anywhere

Users can restore files to any device, including Android, iOS and Windows - at any time, even out of the office and without VPN.

Smart back up

CrashPlan Africa securely backs up the most recently changed files first, on any network – no VPN necessary.

Cross-platform protection

Back up every file on Windows, Linux or OS X laptops and desktops, with a consistent experience across all platforms.

No disruptions

Designed with laptop and desktop performance in mind, CrashPlan Africa works silently in the background so users can keep working period.

Ready to keep your company's data safe wherever it may be?

About CrashPlan™ for Africa

Code42 and Liquid Telecom have partnered together to bring the world’s leading silent, continuous, endpoint backup and restore service to Africa.

You get the expertise and experience of the world’s leading backup and restore provider, teamed with Africa’s leading, quality fibre network provider.

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