Uncompromising security

Choose to deploy 100% on-premises, in Liquid Telecom’s state-of-the-art data centres or anywhere in between via hybrid cloud. CrashPlan even lets you keep encryption keys on-premises to enable you to meet even the most demanding data security and compliance requirements.

Cloud choice

CrashPlan can be deployed in your data centre, in Liquid Telecom’s state-of-the-art data centres, or a hybrid cloud for the best of both worlds.

On-premises encryption keys

No matter how CrashPlan is deployed, you always have the option to keep the encryption keys on-premises.

Granular roles + policies

Perfectly tailor backup settings, access controls and restore options for users and departments from a single administration console.

Meet compliance

Support compliance requirements via flexible cloud options, robust security architecture, client-side encryption and real-time reporting.

Simplify legal holds

Improve user productivity and save admin time by leveraging CrashPlan’s in-place legal holds without confiscating user devices.

End-to-end security

Data is encrypted before leaving the device and stays encrypted in-transit and at rest in Liquid Cloud Storage.

Ready to keep your company's data safe wherever it may be?

About CrashPlan™ for Africa

Code42 and Liquid Telecom have partnered together to bring the world’s leading silent, continuous, endpoint backup and restore service to Africa.

You get the expertise and experience of the world’s leading backup and restore provider, teamed with Africa’s leading, quality fibre network provider.

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